Top 10 Healthy Gas Station Snacks

Can you really avoid the pitfalls of schlocky snacking during a pit stop? If you know what to look for you can!


Whether you're driving on a family roadtrip or the weekday carpool, eventually either your fuel gauge or your belly will tell you it’s time to stop for fuel. Next thing you know, you're inside a gas station reaching for a candy bar, a bag of chips and a 32-ounce slushy.

That’s when you need to remind yourself: stop, take a breath, and look around. You’re likely to find some more nutritious snacking options somewhere between the lottery tickets and the beverage wall. In fact, we found 10 of them!

  1. Seeds – Most gas stations sell sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, which make for a high-fiber, nutritious snack when portions are kept in proportion.
  2. Nuts – Think like a squirrel and look for cans of peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews or macadamias to nibble on. If possible, choose a low-sodium variety in a small handful.
  3. Cereal – Single serving boxes of whole grain cereals, such as Cheerios®, Chex® or Wheaties®, make a great crunchy snack. Or, add some…
  4. Dairy – Look around the dairy section for cartons of milk, cheese sticks, low fat cottage cheese, or single serving containers of yogurt, such as Yoplait® Greek.
  5. Fruit – Some gas stations may carry a limited variety of fresh fruit, such as apples or bananas. If not, dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries and prunes (dried plums) are all a good snack option.
  6. Bars – For a more nutritious alternative to candy bars, grab some of those Fiber One® Bars or Nature Valley Granola Bars® instead.
  7. Jerky – While you wouldn't want to eat it every day due to its high sodium content, beef/turkey/venison jerky is a relatively lower-calorie, higher-protein snack option.
  8. Milk – Half-pint cartons of low fat milk are a good way to quench your thirst and increase your calcium and vitamin D intake.
  9. Juice – Skip the soda and look for 100 percent fruit juice for a tasty and vitamin-C rich way to hydrate.
  10. Water – Need we say more? Drink as much water as you wish!

When you're stopped at a gas station and snacks catch your eye, don't default to whatever looks tastiest. While on the eatbetteramerica roadtrip, Andy and Alli discovered there ARE healthy food options at the gas station, so be selective about what you decide to grab on the go! Check out the video and tips for healthy gas station eating.