10 Trimming Thanksgiving Tips

Feasting on great food with family and friends is this holiday's focus. Trying not to overeat is the challenge. Keep the following tips in mind to breeze through the weekend without a weight gain. Scroll down for help with Healthy Menus.


Plot your strategy.

You can never have too many lists: write down guests, groceries, beverages, prep, utensils, and tableware you’ll need. Do as many tasks in advance as you can. Prepare baked side dishes as well as those done on the stove top beforehand to avoid traffic jams at the oven. 

Trim the Menu

When hosting, survey your guests to learn the can't-live-without dishes to serve and forego the rest. No need to work too hard, serve too much and eat leftovers too long. 

Select Recipes

There are over 700 delicious healthy recipes on this Web site. "Healthified" recipes are recipes made over so they're better for you, yet retain close to their original taste and texture. The remaining recipes have been created, tested and tasted by our team of experts and dietitians based on the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association dietary recommendations. Browse all the Recipes and find a few to try. 

Shop Smart

Be specific about specifying fat-free and lowfat ingredients to keep calories and fat in check, especially if someone else is grocery shopping. Clip coupons and shop sales to trim your budget as well as your waistline. 

 Smart Servings

Eyeball proper servings easily. Use a baseball for a serving of fruit or cereal; a deck of cards for meats; a computer mouse for veggies; Two 9-volt batteries for an ounce of cheese. 

Dawdle Over Dinner

Three tips may help you eat less and feel fuller: 1. Take smaller bites. 2. Place your utensil down between bites. 3. Chew your food 

Go to Pieces

Instead of eating something large for a snack, try a few of the bite-size variety. Eat a handful of small pretzels instead of one large one. Avoid popping appetizers into your mouth. Nibble slowly and relish each bite. 

Be Counter-Wise

Keep foods on the buffet, kitchen counter or stove rather than on the table. Those few extra seconds it takes to get off your chair for another plateful may give your second helpings pause! 

Stay the Course

A big meal or an “off” day doesn’t undo the good meals and days before and after. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, get back on track and stay the healthy course. 

Decisions, Decisions

Every day we’re faced with a ton of food choices. From what to put in our cereal bowl to where to lunch to what to make for dinner. Experts estimate we make close to 200 food related decisions daily. All the more reason to pause, take a deep breath, and treat every one of these choices as a new chance to eat better.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menus

"Healthified" Recipes

Updated favorites made better for you.

* "Healthified" recipes - we've replaced ingredients with great tasting alternatives to create better-for-you recipes that are just as yummy as the original.

Heart Healthy Recipes*

Be good to your heart this Thanksgiving.

* Each recipe has been tested and tasted by our team of experts and dietitians based on the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association dietary recommendations.