10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Life

Ideas to boost your day & life


Whether it’s your mind, your body, or even your home decor that’s craving a little more excitement, here are easy wake-up calls that can work for you.

1. Paint your kitchen. Choose blue tones if you want to curb your appetite, or reds and oranges to boost it. Don’t forget to wash the windows, inside and out, and hang fresh curtains.

2. Eat more colorfully. Aim for at least five fruits and vegetables every day. Here’s how: Grill veggie and fruit kebabs. Bring home a new-to-you food from each visit to the farmers’ market. Toss a green salad with strawberries or chunks of freshly cut mango. Make fruit smoothies. Keep precut veggies at eye level in the fridge for easy snacking.

3. Start a journal. Buy an attractive, sturdy book that you’ll want to open daily and jot down your thoughts. If you’re comfortable with computers and your thoughts aren’t private, start a blog that you can share with friends and family.

4. Try new recipes. To get started, check out hundreds of recipes on this Web site at www.eatbetteramerica.com. Choose from ideas for entrees, sides, snacks, drinks, desserts, and more.

5. Wake up your walks. Pick up a field guide, such as those by Peterson Field Guides (www.petersonfieldguides.com) or the National Audubon Society (www.audubon.org). Then start a checklist of the different trees, flowers, birds, and plants you see along your favorite walking route.

6. Take time for tea. Brighten up each day with a cup of hot or cold herbal tea. Stash a variety of different flavor tea bags in your desk drawer.

7. Clean out your spice rack. Store ground spices for about six months, and whole spices and herbs for up to one year. After that time, they will gradually lose their flavor. Store them in airtight containers away from heat, light, and moisture. Date jars with permanent marker so you know how old they are, and refresh your rack as needed.

8. Get fresh flavor. Better yet, why not grow fresh basil and other herbs right on your kitchen windowsill? Just follow instructions on the plants’ care tags.

9. Enjoy a bedtime bath. Start with soothing lavender or chamomile bath oil. Add soft music and candlelight to complete the home spa experience. Place your softest towel, fuzzy bathrobe, and comfy slippers within easy reach.

10. Reconnect. Lost touch with an old friend or haven’t talked to a relative in a while? Set aside some time each Sunday evening to reach out and reconnect.