What's in Season

Have no fear. Your seasonal produce guide is here!


Be a savvy shopper and handpick your produce for fresh taste year round. Your taste buds are going to love you! While you’re at it, get more details on all kinds of foods with Food 101.

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SPRING: March, April, May
Apricots Chayote Squash Honeydew
Artichokes Cherimoya Jackfruit
Asparagus Chives Limes
Barbados Cherries Corn Mango
Belgian Endive Fava Beans Manoa Lettuce
Bitter Melon Fennel Morel Mushrooms
Broccoli Fiddlehead Ferns Mustard Greenss
Cactus Green Beans Oranges

SUMMER: June, July, August
Apricots Blueberries Crookneck Squash
Asian Pear Boysenberries Cucumbers
Barbados Cherries Breadfruit Durian
Beets Cantaloupe Eggplant
Bell Peppers Casaba Melon Elderberries
Black Crowberries Cherries Endive
Black Currants Corn Figs
Blackberries Crenshaw Melon Garlic

FALL: September, October, November
Acorn Squash Butter Lettuce Cranberries
Asian Pear Butternut Squash Delicata Squash
Barbados Cherries Cactus Pear Daikon Radish
Black Crowberries Cape Gooseberries Endive
Black Salsify Cardoon Feijoa
Belgian Endive Cauliflower Ginger
Broccoli Chayote Squash
Brussels Sprouts Crab Apples

WINTER: Decemember, January, February
Belgian Endive Collard Greens Passion Fruit
Brussels Sprouts Dates Pear
Buttercup Squash Delicata Squash Persimmons
Cactus Pear Grapefruit Pummeloe
Cardoon Kale Red Banana
Cherimoya Kiwifruit Red Currants
Chestnuts Leeks
Clementines Oranges

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